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Flying Banana / Banana

Flying Banana €12
Banana €10
Days Every day
Duration 10 minutes

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Flying Banana / Banana

Being on the banana and is like being on a roller coaster. The flying banana too but with bigger ups and downs!
The banana is 5 metres long and you sit tight and hold on as you're pulled by a speedboat!
Have a great time surfing the waves and see if you and your mates are able to stay on as the boat driver does his stuff at the wheel...

The flying banana is a bit different - the photo says it all. As air gets under the tubes at speed you'll be lifted into the air and really will be flying.

Both are great fun and totally de-stressing activities. You'll be on for about 10 minutes plus time for transfers to and from the beach.

Go bananas...
  • Bring swimwear
  • Includes life jackets
  • Supervised and safe


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