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Single €40
Double €80
Days Every day
Duration 10 minutes flying

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For a rewarding adventure during your holiday in Tenerife, enjoy a peaceful parascending flight along the coast.

Our specially designed winch boats give you a soft, jolt free flight, and bring you safely back down to the deck.

Flights can be double or single and are suitable for all ages.

The trip lasts up to one hour and the flight is 10 minutes.

This activity takes place along the southwestern coast of Tenerife with departures from Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes. Click above right to reserve now.

About parascending...

  • Bring shorts and t- shirt  or swimsuit
  • Includes life jackets
  • Check-in 15 mins early
  • Peaceful, smooth ride
  • Go alone or with your partner 


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