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Jet Bikes

Single €40
Doble €50
Days Every day
Duration 20 minutes

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Jet Bikes 

Enjoy the speed and thrills of piloting a powerful jet ski. Great fun and very easy to drive right from your first go at the controls. A real treat!
Take one yourself or go two up! Kids 5yrs+ can enjoy the ride too.

The thrills take place on a large buoyed circuit with monitors overseeing things for your safety.

A distance of 100 metres between bikes keeps things safe - just keep going in the same direction around the buoys and enjoy!

If you have never experienced a jet bike now's the time to get one under your belt, and feel the instant adrenalin release...

Jet bikes...
  • Swimsuit
  • Includes lifejackets
  • Solo or two up
  • Children 5yrs+


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