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BOB Diving Safari

Adults. €55.00
Children €55.00
Spectator €30.00
Days Every day

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Safari B.O.B. Diving

Book your BOB diving adventure here with the first such company in Europe. No previous diving experience needed. You are guaranteed maximum safety and great fun at all times and will be accompanied by professional divers.

First there was diving and now comes BOB diving. All the fun of traditional diving with much less effort. And it's safe, easy and exciting.

Despite looking like something from a Bond film you don't need to be called James or drive an Aston Martin to enjoy exploring the underwater world of Tenerife.

After a few minutes instruccion you need only dip briefly underwater to resurface with your head inside the bubble and seated comfortably on the scooter. Before you know it you are off on an adventure, looking at the fabulous underwater world through your own personal window.

One thing that makes BOB diving so special is that there is no breathing apparatus to consider or that obscures the face of the divers. The looks of delight and surprise as variety of marine life stop by to investigate the divers is always a highlight of the trip.

Safari BOB is the first BOB dive center in Europe, operating since 1997. They've all the experience needed to give you a fabulous time underwater on what will surely be the highlight of your trip - so don't miss out!

You board in Puerto Colón and at the dive site you're instructed on how to operate your tethered BOB (relax, it's easy) and then the fun starts as you embark on your underwater adventure.

About BOB diving... 

  • Minimum age 12 years
  • 1´55m minimum height
  • You must know how to swim
  • You must be in good health
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Book to allow 12 hours between BOB diving and your flight home


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