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Medieval Show

53,50 €
Children 26,75 €
Days Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Conditionss 3 years old, free.
Betwin 3 y 11 years old (Kids price)

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Medieval Castle San Miguel - Tenerife

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San Miguel Castle, Medieval Show

El San Miguel Castle is an impressive building 6000 square meters long and made ​​of stone "canto Canario" with main towers over 16 meters high and ample parking in an area of ​​20,000 square meters.

Since you enter the grounds is a real medieval world.  The entrance is decorated with armor, swords, chests and writings of the time. D. Rodrigo and his daughter, the young Countess, greeting them and giving them receive welcome your Castle.

The friendly subjects of Count Rodrigo will lead you to the Hall of Tournaments, where I just take a complex show struggles and medieval games in the presence of the Count in his box.
During the tournament they will be served the banquet as it was in medieval times; drink the soup and eat it with your hands a whole chicken per person with garnish.

Explore the medieval Castle and enter the magical world of the Knights of the Round Table.

Enjoy the free-flowing wine and Medieval banquet as the Knights begin their jousting tournament.

Cheer as your Knight battles to the death in your honour.

About the tour... 

  • Included dinner.
  • Tuesday, thursday & Saturday
  • After the show, open bar (Free drinks).

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