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Siam Park has as its theme the ancient Kingdom of Siam and is the largest water park in Europe covering an impressive 185,000 m2.

Spend a day at Siam Park and enjoy world class water rides and the spectacular artificial beach, complete with one of the world's largest wave machines. Here, waves up to three metres high give you a great opportunity to surf or even take a surfing course!

The waves break on a magnificent white sandy beach that's reminiscent of the South Pacific and will delight the whole family.

Another of Siam Park's attractions is the unforgettable 'Tower of Power. This thrilling, almost vertical water slide is 28 metres long and will leave you speechless. After what is virtually a free fall drop, you'll enter an acrylic tunnel that goes through a pool full of crocodiles...

The 'Slow River' (Sawasdee River) is again the world's largest of its kind. This relaxing, winding ride takes you through a world of tropical fish, lush landscapes and waterfalls.

Now on to the 'Lost City' where you'll discover the secrets of an aquatic fortress, venturing over bridges and through waterfalls and slides. This attraction is loved by for children and adults alike!

The Jungle Snakes has slides for the whole family. Enjoy the thrill of speed as you slip and slide down the 4 entwined snaking rides. Guaranteed family fun!

Then there's The Giant that takes you through a mythical jungle of adventure, transporting you to a world of adventure and mystery.

In The Vocano the light fades and the speed increases as you enter. Within its crater emotion increases with the darkness broken by light displays.

If you'd like to compete with your friends grab your mat and challenge them to a race on the amazing Naga Racer. Book here and get the best price!

About Siam Park...

  • Open from 0930 to 1830
  • There are 3 restaurants & 2 bars
  • Artificial beach with waves
  • Private cabins to rent
  • World class park

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